1. Who makes ROPES?
We are students of the Masters of Literature and Publishing, and students of the Masters in Digital Media in NUIG. This year we are producing the 29th edition of the journal in aid of COPE Galway.

2. Who can submit to ROPES?
ROPES is open to everyone. We are especially eager to hear from emerging writers and artists! 

3. What can I submit to ROPES?
We accept submissions of any genre (up to 3000 words for written submissions, and 300 PPI for visual submissions.) We only accept writing/artwork that has never been published. Please note that there is a limit of 3 submissions per person. 

4.  Is there a specific format for submissions?
We do not have a specific format for submissions. We only ask that the style of typescript is kept professional and clear. 

5. When will ROPES be published?
We intend to publish ROPES Literary Journal in April 2021.

6. Where can I buy ROPES?
We will be selling this year’s edition of ROPES in our online shop. You can preorder a copy here.

7. Will there be a launch event for ROPES 2021?
There will be a launch event in April to promote our edition of ROPES. Stay tuned for info on tickets and how to participate!

8. Will contributors be paid?
As all proceeds for ROPES will be donated to COPE Galway, we are unable to offer monetary compensation. However, we will offer contributors one free copy of ROPES 2021 (postage not included).

9. How can I help the students making ROPES?
Please refer to our GoFundMe to aid in ROPES production. Visit COPE Galway’s website here to donate to them directly.

10. Where can I keep up to date on ROPES news?
Please follow us on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.